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Studies show that 90% of people read reviews before making a purchase decision.

Seriously, you read reviews before buying, don't you?

Simply asking a customer to review your business and hoping it actually happens simply doesn’t work.

iLoveThis.com helps you get more 5-star reviews by not only requesting a review from your customer, but guiding them from point A to point B so you actually get that review!

With iLoveThis.com, you can significantly increase the number of 5-star reviews you receive and eliminate negative reviews effortlessly.

After earning a customer’s business, express your gratitude for their patronage by sending them a personalized, handwritten love note to encourage repeat business with only 1 click!

Harness the Power of Text to Send Review Requests to Each and Every Customer

Input customer info into our quick online form post-sale, quote or service. Instantly prompt a review via text that allows the customer to create 5-star ratings in seconds. Experience a flood of invaluable feedback and 5-star reviews that will leave your competition in the dust.

Surprise Customers with a "Love Note"!

After a customer leaves a review, in 1 click you can send them a Handwritten “Love Note” thank you postcard sent via postal mail, let them know just how invaluable they are to you. A small gesture, but with monumental returns. 94% of recipients feel a genuine bond, elevating their loyalty.

A personalized, handwritten note can weave magic, rekindling your connection. And with us, it’s just a click away!

60% Increase in Repeat Business


Shield your Google Listing From Negative Reviews and Safeguard Your Reputation

Don't Let a Single Customer Ruin Your Entire Business.

One sour review can tarnish years of hard work, but not with iLoveThis.com. We direct any negative reviews straight to you instead of google, ensuring you get honest feedback without any public backlash. So feel free to ask everyone for a review.

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There Are NO Monthly Fees

No gimmicks. No hidden fees. No Price Scaling.

We Don’t Even Charge a Monthly Fee.

Includes Unlimited Employee User Accounts

$97 Pay Once. Use it Forever

Up To 50 Reviews Per Month + $1.49 Per Postcard (Optional)

Get a Free Tap To Phone Review Card Worth $100 When You Join

What Makes Sending a Handwritten Note via Direct Mail So Effective?

Handwritten letters get 200% to 600% more responses over printed mail.

Sending personalized, handwritten love notes is a powerful tool to create a remarkable and unforgettable experience that drives customer loyalty and revenue growth. By adding a personal touch, customers can see and feel the genuine care and attention to detail that you have invested in their satisfaction. In a world where printed mail or email is the norm, sending a handwritten postcard sets you apart from the competition and positions you as a brand that goes above and beyond to create meaningful connections with your customers.

Trusted by 1000's of Businesses Like You

“Took less than 5 minutes to setup and I had my first 5 star review that same day.”

Tony V - Stormguard Window

“We literally doubled our reviews the first month, this is a game changer”

Renata - Association Helpdesk

"I have received a huge return on my marketing using their postcards”

Terry M - FRS Financial

Get 20X More 5 Star Customer Reviews

Q. Are The Lifetime Memberships Truly Lifetime? Are There Really No Monthly Fees?

Absolutely! Our lifetime memberships are exactly what they sound like—valid for a lifetime. You won't encounter any monthly fees for up to 50 reviews per month. And even if you exceed that limit, you can still enjoy our services for free. The only requirement is to send a postcard along with your review request. Each postcard costs $1.49, which covers the postage as well, and there are no minimum quantity restrictions.

Q. Do You Really Hand Write Every "Love Note" Postcard?

Our love note postcards are indeed handwritten, but instead of relying on little children or inspiring adult writers to send them out, we have employed artificial intelligence robots to perform the task. Each postcard is written using a real pen held by a robotic hand. This method allows us to save you a significant amount of money while ensuring the handwriting is just as legible as if it were done by a human.

Q. What Are The Steps To Send a Postcard? How Does The Payment Process Work?

Sending a postcard is a breeze! All you need to do is add a credit card to your account and make a deposit, which will create a user credit balance for you. When making a survey request, simply check the designated box to include a postcard. If you're sending postcards in bulk as part of a custom campaign, that option is available too. The best part is that instead of charging your credit card for each individual postcard, the cost of each postcard will be deducted from your user balance. For added convenience, you can set up your account to automatically refill your user balance when it drops below a specific amount, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted postcard sending experience.

Q. Can I Choose My Text Message For Survey Requests? What About Customization of Postcards?

Absolutely! As the primary user, you have the freedom to select from a wide range of text message options to include in your survey requests and postcards. This ensures that your messages align with your preferences and objectives. Furthermore, if you're creating a custom postcard campaign, you have complete control over customization. This includes the ability to personalize not only the content but also the design of the postcard itself, allowing you to create a unique and tailored campaign experience.

Q. How Many User Logins Are Included?

Each account includes the option to add unlimited users as add-ons. These users will be part of the same primary account but will have their own unique login credentials, including their own username and password. With the convenience of a master dashboard, you'll have a comprehensive overview of all survey requests and postcards sent by your entire team. This allows for easy access and monitoring of your team's activities, ensuring efficient management of your account.

Q. Is The ilovethis.com Software User-friendly And Easy to Set Up? What is The Process Like?

We understand the frustration that comes with complex software, which is why we designed ilovethis.com to be incredibly easy to use. Setting it up is as simple as finding your business on search engines so we can determine where to send your reviews. It truly is just one step! By default, all the necessary configurations are already in place, eliminating any additional setup steps. All you need to do is log in to your account and start sending review requests right away. There's no need to worry about designing postcards or text messages, as everything is streamlined and straightforward. With ilovethis.com, simplicity is key, making it the easiest software solution you'll come across.

Are The Reviews Generated by Your Software Fake?

Not at all! The reviews you see are from real and genuine customers. Our software acts as a helpful tool, guiding customers through the review process to ensure it's effortless and convenient for them to share their feedback. We prioritize authenticity and provide a platform where customers can express their honest opinions.